Is hosting the FIFA World Cup really the way to go for India to make it at the big stage? Whilst there are a great many opinions in favour of India staging a bid for hosting the FIFA World Cup 2034 as it might bring India to the centre stage of the world and also

Nicklas Bendtner – Arsenal’s best-ever striker Nicklas Bendtner, in the recent past, considered himself to be one of the best strikers in the world. Would the ‘best striker in the world’ miss a sitter that would have ensured victory against Barcelona in the Champion’s league? Would the best striker in the world square up against

Delving a little deeper in to the business of football reveals that player salaries form the majority chunk of expenses for football clubs around the world. It varies from club to club and league to league but even in the developing leagues salaries paid to players can form a massive part of its expenses (

In this article, we focus on diet, and a possible reason as to why most, if not all, of our best footballers come from a handful of regions from around the country.  Most Indian footballers come from the following areas – Kolkata, Goa, Kerela, Punjab, Haryana and the North East. If you look at the

In this cricket-crazy country, there is a saying that no other sportsperson makes money other than a cricketer. It is very true that cricketers earn millions of rupees through IPL, national team tournaments, endorsements, etc. but it’s not that playing other sports like football makes you a pauper – especially if you are the amongst

Earlier this year we announced that Anglian was going to bring European leagues closer to Indian footballers.  Barely 6 months have passed since then and it has been raining trials at European clubs for Indian footballers. This summer has seen 6 Indian players training with European clubs to improve their skills and their future prospects

We have had a lot of articles on the economics of football in Europe and other parts of the world. Unfortunately there have been very few analyses performed on the economics of the sport here in India. A couple of years back, things looked bright for Indian football with IMG-Reliance acquiring the commercial rights of

Now that we have been playing ball for a year, let’s look back and see what we have learnt about the state of football in India. From the very beginning, our main intention for getting involved with football was to find a way to get Indian talent, whether based in India or abroad, a chance