Anglian Management Group is the sports advisory branch of Anglian Omega Group. Its goal is to provide personalized 360-degree services to top Indian sports professionals, teams, leagues, clubs as well as corporations involved in the business of sports. In addition to helping individual sports professionals unlock their marketing potential, AMG is actively working with brands and corporations to create unique sporting solutions and properties across India.

About Anglian Omega Group

The Anglian Omega Group (India) is a family-led conglomerate with a vision to promote excellence by empowering experienced professionals to lead the Group on to a new phase of growth aided by strong national and global networks. The Group has a 40-year-old history in the Bright Bar Steel industry as one of the leading Bright Bar manufacturers in the country, supplying to OEMs in all the automotive hubs of India. The Anglian Omega Group is now diversifying into start-ups and technology, entertainment, real estate, sport, e-commerce and many more ventures.