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AstroTurf – A Blast from the Past!

03 October 2016


No it’s not the short form for “Artificial Turf”, AstroTurf is the original name and brand in turf!

AstroTurf — it’s one of the most iconic brands in sports. While everyone recognizes the name, not everyone knows the history

The American brand borrows its name from the Houston Astrodome, where it was first used in a professional sports venue fifty years ago. It was a time of palpable optimism. A certain belief that man could conquer the constraints of nature with ingenuity and forward-thinking progress pervaded.

Monsanto just had invented a brand new product they called “ChemGrass”. During the Korean War, the U.S. Army had found urban recruits to be less physically fit than rural recruits. Attributing this to lack of green space in cities, the Ford Foundation funded research for Monsanto to create a synthetic grass replica.

The Astrodome brought Monsanto in to install ChemGrass. It was a great success, and Monsanto capitalized on the popularity of its high profile installation to rebrand their grass replica. Thus the “AstroTurf” brand was born.


Over the half century since AstroTurf was first installed in Houston, technology has rapidly improved. NASA scientists no longer use the same computers to calculate trajectories. And these days, AstroTurf products have come ever closer to replicating the feel, performance, and safety of the gold standard — natural grass.


AstroTurf first entered India during the 80’s and was used during the 1982 Asian Games in India for Hockey. But the people at the time were not familiar with the technology and thus the whole notion of playing on artificial grass did not suit them. It has been over 30 years since and now times have changed, most sports today are being played on artificial grass mainly due to cost cutting and environment friendly reasons.


 24/7/365 – THE MANTRA



Research & Development

Diligent and disciplined research and development teams on multiple continents are equipped with the most prestigious sports laboratories in the world. Teams of technical experts constantly create and test new turf innovations that prolong the life and improve the performance of fields.


astroturfblogs3Manufacturing Philosophy

 Synthetic turf fields are large investments that deserve long term return. AstroTurf employs a “more fiber, less fill” philosophy for just this reason. Fields never need replacement because the infill wears out — only because the fiber does. That is why we pack more high-quality fibre’s into our systems. Dense fiber construction keeps players performing on our surfaces years after installation.


We offer a staff of the most experienced turf consultants in the country. Our sales team knows just how valuable clients’ time is, so they strive to make the process of product education, procurement, and contracting as smooth as possible.



Each field built is overseen by an AstroTurf Construction Manager. These managers are experienced professionals with degrees in engineering or construction management and are ASBA-Certified Field Builders. Our experts ensure that construction and installation are undertaken in accordance with industry best practices and guarantee that your field performs as well in years eight, nine, and ten as it did in year one.

Customer Service

AstroTurf commands the best customer service and record for warranty performance in the industry. Our clients rest assured that if a problem does arise, they are covered. As a vertically-integrated manufacturer, we provide one point of contact for customer service. At the same time, AstroTurf works with a national network of regional service providers who respond rapidly to service requests. That way, your field will be back in tip-top shape in no time.


Anglian Sports Management Group have construction and installation capabilities across India! AstroTurf, Fraser Edwards and AMG have an exclusive partnership for distribution, application & marketing in India.

Fraser Edwards are the master distributors of AstroTurf in the Indian –Subcontinent, they distribute AstroTurf’s range of artificial sports surfaces exclusively in the Indian Sub-continent. Fraser Edwards specializes in artificial turf, tennis acrylics, running tracks, indoor sports surfaces & special waterproofing/coating products, having supplied products all over the world including Asia, notably China, Hong Kong, SEA and the Indian sub-continent.

AMG connects the applicators & contractors with AstroTurf in the United States.amg-logo-vertical-final_transparent

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