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Why AstroTurf?

13 October 2016

Being the inventor of synthetic turf, AstroTurf is one of the most iconic brands in American sports.

The Only synthetic turf brand with vertical asset integration, highest standards of quality, durability and performance ensured. 50 years of experience and 160 million square feet of turf used worldwide and backed by leading suppliers of Synthetic turf, Textile Management Associates brings us to the question of “Why Choose AstroTurf?”

Here are a few reasons which might make you go for an AstroTurf!



Maintenance cost is very low as the turf does not require any watering and trimming.


Picture of kids soccer training match with shallow depth of field. Focus on foreground.

Astro turf fields are much more durable than grass fields or Chinese artificial turfs, they can be played on at all times and the problem of a water logged pitch is eliminated. A Chinese turf on the other hand has a life of 3-4 years and could possibly wear out earlier. An extremely frequently used fibrillated yarn will split to 50-60 ones 3-4 years later and worst case 1-2 years later. Other factors such as bad quality of infill and sand would also damage the turf and hamper performance.


soccer player have pain injury accident on football game

Amateur footballers across Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad currently play on average Chinese- made turfs. As a result there have been an alarming rate of injuries to knee and ankle ligaments. This is largely due to poor quality of the surface.

With AstroTurf Systems there are noticeably lesser injuries as the foot is not allowed to go deep inside the surface and “foot fix” is prevented due to Astro Turf’s Low Dig system technology. Our R&D engineers rigorously vet each system before it goes to market with player protection as priority #1. Priority #2 is doing so in a value engineered, cost-effective approach that considers player performance.

For example, we always encourage clients to “add a pad”. Pads deliver shock attenuation totally consistent and predictable.

The Low Dig system technology is not available in an ordinary Chinese artificial turf.


 AstroTurf is committed to the environment.

An average grass field uses 50,000 gallons of water per week whereas Astro turf does not require any water. Each AstroTurf field saves up to 20,000,0000 gallons of water, without use of pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals. Plus, AstroTurf products are available with BioCel™ coatings to lock fibers in place. BioCel™ polyurethane displaces a large portion of petrochemicals from traditional polyurethane by incorporating soy-based polyols.


 Since AstroTurf first invented artificial turf 50 years ago, it has been laser-focused on innovating systems that come ever closer to the ideal performance of natural grass. AstroTurf offers the broadest portfolio of turf systems on the globe. Driven by ambitious but disciplined R&D, the AstroTurf line-up can meet virtually any client’s needs with systems that deliver sport-specific playability, log-term durability, and the latest in player protection.


8 year warranty, some of our turfs have lasted for 10-14 years!

Our approach to customer service and warranty performance is atypical for the industry. We treat all clients with fairness, regardless of their profile or visibility. We offer a strong warranty for 8-10 years. Our warranty language is clean and simple, with no hidden triggers or fine print. AstroTurf offers one point of contact for quality concerns


 AstroTurf has always advocated a “More Fiber, Less Fill” philosophy.


This approach influences our system designs. We encourage our clients to invest in the most crucial element in the system— fiber! After all, no client has ever had to replace a field because the commodity sand and rubber infill wore out — only when the fiber wears out does the field need replacement. For decades the industry has peddled the same tired system — cheap, lightweight carpet systems propped up by loads of commodity sand and rubber infill. But no longer are clients’ choices limited — AstroTurf offers dense fabric construction ideal (from cost and performance standpoints) for the emerging trends in infill and pad technologies.


The AstroTurf plant has been in continuous operation since 1968.

That’s longer than any facility in the industry. Over the half century of operation, the plant has cultivated a wealth of manufacturing expertise and institutional knowledge. That sort of institutional knowledge is not discovered overnight. It is earned through years of experience and the many successes and the mistakes that are hard-earned over the decades. The cumulative experience of decades of triumphs and shortfalls inform our manufacturing processes and material selections. We use industry-best components and control virtually every step of the turf manufacturing process.


AstroTurf the SAFE choice