FC Vestsjælland signs Netan Sansara

31 July 2012

netanIn a previous post we mentioned how British-born Netan Sansara, a Person of Indian Origin (“PIO”), had gone to try out at FC Vestsjælland where the coaches had been impressed by him. Well it seems like he did more than impress them for they have recently signed him on for a one year contract.

Netan has Indian roots.  He was born in Walsall, England, where he also received his first professional contract when he was 17 year old. As a junior player, Netan was chosen to play for England in the U18 and U19 national team. In January 2012, Sansara was nominated for the Asian player of the year award at the Asian Football Awards where he finished runner-up to Premier League player Michael Chopra.

Netan primarily plays left back, but he can also play central defence. We wish him the very best at FCV.