AMG helps launch Khel Now!

16 June 2016

Anglian Management Group (AMG) helped launch Khel Now (or Play Now) – the world’s most exciting and comprehensive social platform for sports fans.  With an immediate focus on football/soccer fans across the world, the Platform helps build communities around a shared passion for sports. Using the Platform and the associated mobile and web apps, fans can track and enhance their sporting journey and achievements, as well as:

  • Find teams, grounds, academies, stores, schools, players and other sports-related information based on location and ratings
  •  Maintain and update their sporting interests and achievements by creating & sharing content, reviews, ratings, photos and videos
  •  Support their favorite competitions, teams, players, communities, academies, trainers, physios, businesses, etc.
  •  Locate other fans, in their back-yard or around the globe, to meet and interact with so as to enhance their combined experiences
  •  Read and comment on news related to local neighborhood and school leagues as well as professional competitions such as FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championship/Champions League (UCL)/Europa Cup, Copa America, SAFF Suzuki Cup, Indian Super League (ISL) and professional leagues such as Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Major League Soccer (MLS), Indian I-League, and much more.

Fans can browse, create or update relevant Competitions, Teams, Players, Coaches, Events (Coaching, Gathering, Match Viewing, Playing, Screening), Places (Academies, Playgrounds, Stadiums, Schools, Colleges), Businesses, Entertainment (Books, Movies, Videos, Video Games), Governing Bodies, or even other Fan pages, thereby discovering more about their favorite sporting interests and activities.

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Key Features

  • Search for your favorite sports interest using powerful search and filtering capabilities or using your current or preferred GPS location
  • See all of your sports interests collapsed in to a single customizable and localized My Feed
  • View all of the content you upload in a single activity stream which your Followers can also see
  • Connect with and share to major social media sites including Facebook and Google
  • Explore every event, academy and business in detail, and read reviews posted by others to get the latest and greatest information
  • Use the map view to explore places and events around your location, or around a location of your choosing
  • Promote sproting and sports-related activites including match events, gatherings, coaching clinics and playground events
  • Subscribe to consume news from global and local sports feeds and media channels. as well as curated content
  • Gain awards and recognition based upon your activity level


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