Check out why Pogba & Ozil wear the Adidas ACE 16 Series!

25 April 2016

AMG and Khel Now tested the all new Adidas Ace 16.2 version of the Ace series. The 16.2 reflects a serious attempt by Adidas to challenge Nike in the relatively lower tier of football boots. The higher tier Ace 16.1 is lace less while its counter part the 16.2 has laces. These football boots are built for the player who is always in control of the game. The Ace 16.2 delivers precise control and perfect fit without wear- in time and its outsole is designed to dominate on firm ground

In our new Khel Now gear review video we rated it on the same parameters such as Agility, Comfort and Fit, Touch and Grip and Shooting the same as our last video on Messi 15.1 Solar Slime.

This time Adidas brought out the Ace 16.2 in a new a new colour the “Shock Blue”, it’s bright and beautiful but not that the midfielders wearing the boot need any help standing out .

Mesut Ozil became Premier League’s best ever creator this season as he created a haul of 135 key passes, most chances than any other player in the premier League since 2003-04 season.

Paul Pogba stands first with the highest number of assists in the Italian Serie A for Juventus spearheading them for the title.

The Ace 16.2 are built for the creative geniuses!